Choosing the right foundation for you

With all of the choices available today, finding the right foundation is so much easier than it used to be.  However, sometimes too many options can be overwhelming.  I have some advice to help narrow it all down when picking the right foundation for your needs.

Your very first step is to figure out what kind of skin type you have.  Do you have oily skin?  Does your skin get too tight and dry?  Are you a combination of the two?  There is also sensitive skin, or extremes of the aforementioned.  Once you know your skin type you can start to think about what kind of coverage you want.  Do like sheer, skin-like coverage?  Do you like medium, buildable coverage?  Or do you prefer truly full coverage?  You may also want to consider your lifestyle.  Are you low maintenance?  Do you have a set routine?  Do you have little time or plenty?

Once you have these key points figured out, it comes down to the right formulation for you.  For example, if you have oily skin and prefer sheer coverage, you may want to consider a powder foundation.  Let's say you have dry skin and want full coverage, then you should think about trying a cream foundation.  With all the possibilities, it really does come down to personal preference and what works best with your skin and lifestyle.  I plan to do a more in depth series on the right foundation for your skin type, but until then I hope this helps give you a little direction!